Friday, February 27, 2009

City of St. Augustine Says GARDNER, ZEIDLER "Uniquely Qualified," But Does Not Say It Was "Sole Source." Are These Contracts Legal?

Mr. Slavin,

I received you phone call and have just now returned from meetings. I apologize
for I must have written your number down incorrectly for there was no answer or
answering machine.

To answer your questions, neither the consultant's contract for Ms. Jeanne
Zeidler or the consultant's agreement with Mr. Gardner were "bid-out," and both
are seen as uniquely qualified for the services they will provide.

I have attached a copy of the press release that was distributed on February 13
regarding The St. Augustine Report. I believe my quote in the third paragraph
will explain the strength behind Mr. Gardner's unique qualifications to provide
this service. Please note that the agreement is on a month-to-month basis and
may be canceled by either party with 15 days notice.

Regarding Ms. Zeidler, whose contract is funded with TDC funds, her knowledge of
the planning, development, implementation, and follow-up of Jamestown 2007
uniquely qualifies her to assist the city in the creation of a commemoration of
the founding of St. Augustine. In addition, her experience is fresh because of
the recent conclusion of Jamestown 2007's program, and she has immediate access
to action plans, organizational profiles, and a vast amount of template forms
and procedures that are certain to be adaptable to St. Augustine's
commemoration. Lastly, as an elected official of a city with a vast amount of
parallels to St. Augustine, Ms. Zeidler is fully aware of the proper role and
limitations as well as the opportunities faced by a small local government
working with state and federal agencies and the private and non-profit community
to produce and host an event of international proportions.

I sincerely hope this information answers your questions.


Paul K. Williamson
Public Affairs Director
City of St. Augustine
P. O. Box 210
St. Augustine, FL 32085
Phn: 904.825.1004
Fax: 904.825.1096
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