Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter: Pledge is reminder of commitment

Letter: Pledge is reminder of commitment

Dennis L. Lane
Ponte Vedra Beach
Publication Date: 02/25/09

Editor: All citizens have recited the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America hundreds of times. By this pledge we dedicate our lives to the welfare of the people of one nation.

That pledge commits our energy to working for the welfare of the people as a societal body. This is not the commitment to the physical geography as described by the boundaries of the United States. Each citizen works for the welfare of all others. We work to sustain the process of government for everyone in our nation.

Our system of government requires that we exercise our duties as citizens to present our views. Our pledge requires that we carry out our duties to recognize the rights and duties of all citizens. Our agreements and disagreements are carried out within the boundaries of the practice of citizenship.

What each of us can do as citizens is our duty.

Deprecation of what others are doing as citizens or deprecation of how others carry out their citizenship is outside our rights.

Working on our own citizenship is our commitment.

The quickest way to improve the composite welfare of our community is for each of us to work on our own portion of the opportunity at hand.

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