Friday, February 27, 2009

"Uniquely Qualified" Is Not the Same As "Sole Source Procurement:

Our City of St. Augustine Has Hired SLEM GEORGE GARDNER to write a newsletter for $1250/month. As it says in Ecclesiastes, "Vanity of vanity, all is vanities."

Is GARDNER really an "independent contractor?"

Was it legal for our City to hire GARDNER as a consultant without competitive bidding?

See below for the latest in the saga of the crooked City of St. Augustine.

It was then-Mayor GARDNER who first told me on February 24, 2006 that the illegally dumped material in our Old City Reservoir was "clean fill."

As longtime EPA regulator John Marler told me, "there are no bedsprings in clean fill." He also said there are no toilets, either.

Chauvinistic SLEM GARDNER and his confreres let City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRISS guide them around by their noses. They gave him an award -- a placque -- in the midst of a pending criminal investigation.

Now, as hush money (or a deferred bribe, as Ralph Nader would call it), SLEM GARDNER's writing a dumb 'ole newsletter for $1250/month. It's our money.

See below for more on the latst on the SLEM GARDNER Newsletter Scandal.

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