Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter: Public funds not for church schools

Letter: Public funds not for church schools

Ellen A. Whitmer
Fruit Cove
Publication Date: 02/24/09

Editor: In the climate of the large government "bailout" or rescue of corporate mismanagement, some political leaders seem very willing to get into a situation that has the potential to cause more financial distress to the taxpayers.

Charter schools have been heralded as the answer to education. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Charter schools are really public-funded private schools. They operate independently of most regulations. They do not compete with the real public schools on a level playing field because they have the freedom to do many things that regular public schools are not allowed to perform.

There are now reports of religious schools in New York City lobbying to be changed into charter schools eligible for public funding. Never mind about the separation of Church and State issues. Religious leaders want the money and they are willing to fight for it.

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