Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ipse Dixit: "These days our children probably know more about protecting the environment than adults do"

See below.

EPA Criminal Investigations Division (CID) visited the City of St. Augustine's Old City Reservoir on February 27, 2006, observing the process of depositing 40,000 cubic yards in the Old City Reservoir.

Under President GEORGE W. BUSH, EPA let it slide. How indescribably poltroonish.

No federal or state criminal charges were brought, even though two days later, the City of St. Augustine was still depositing solid waste in the Old City Reservoir, a place that is an "open sore going straight down to the aquifer and groundwater," according to former EPA Region 4 Administrator John Henry Hankinson.

Now that the cancer on the Presidency has been removed (GEORGE W. BUSH) along with the cancer on EPA Region 4 (RA JIMMY I. PALMER), isn't it long past time to prosecute the City Manager of the City of St. Augustine, WILLIAM B. HARRISS?

I still believe in a place called Hope.

WILLIAM B. HARRISS, City Manager of the City of St. Augustine Since April 13, 1998, hired without Sunshine public notice, without ever having a performance appraisal in nearly eleven (11) years (unless you count that placque City Commissioners gave him as an "attaboy" in the midst of a pending criminal investigation in March 2006).
Photo Credit: J.D. Pleasant

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