Monday, February 16, 2009

National Response Center Report No. 897178: Still NO Comment from JOHN REGAN and City of St. Augustine on What It's Doing to Trash Maria Sanchez Lake

JOHN REGAN, our City Manager's hey-boy has done gone overboard, telling the Sheriff's erstwhile bagman. bundler, fundraiser and campaign manager (MICHAEL GOLD) that his captive City Attorney is "looking into" trying to stop me from reporting City environmental pollution to the National Response Center.

Sounds like King Canute!

Let JOHN REGAN and MICHAEL GOLD go cry in each others' beer -- we have a right to repeat wrongdoing and the entire City is helping!

CITY MANAGER HARRISS' HEY-BOY, JOHN REGAN (right) next to what he calls a "PIPE."
SINCE THERE ARE MORE HOLES THAN PIPE, I CALL IT A COLLANDER. SINCE REGAN seldom tells the truth and is always in "spin" mode, I call him a propagandist, not a Professional Engineer (P.E.).

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