Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Photo credit: Tsiya

WILLIAM B. HARRISS, St. Augustine's City Manager (and mangler of all things environmental) -- Photo credit: J.D. Pleasant

MARIA SANCHEZ LAKE -- Photo credit: Tsiya

MARIA SANCHEZ LAKE -- Photo credit: Tsiya

Is Maria Sanchez Lake is in danger? Contractors are busily lining the banks with concrete blocks. What in the name of God are they doing and why?

This resembles what they've done to the Los Angeles River, which is now an oxymoron.

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tsiya said...

I'm pleased you picked up on this, we don't disagree about everything, after all.
The lake, as a beauty spot, will be damaged severely. I suppose that some folk's see beauty in concrete, I'm not one of them.
The vegetation along the lake shore has already been stressed by the dumping of scrap concrete, this project will kill it all. The small crabs and other crustaceans that many birds rely on will leave, or die, the birds will follow.
If there was an absolute neccessity involved it would be different, but this wall is just an ill concieved waste of resources. It's only function will be to bake in the Sun and be ugly!