Friday, August 22, 2014

Emotional-Blackmailing Economic Royalist on the Run

Economic Royalists. That's what FDR called those who ruined our economy in the Great Depression. Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR. and ex-M CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR. are economic royalists. "They rip off taxpayers together," as Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Margolis wrote about the late Senator HOWARD BAKER, JR. and his crony capitalists in East Tennessee.

Here in St. Augustine, they want to spend some $1,000,000 on our 45Oth next year, with much of the celebration on fancy parties to which We, The People are not invited.

At yesterday morning's budget presentation, BOLES and DANA STE. CLAIRE were rightly questioned by three (3) female Commissioners were rightly questioned about the size of the 450th budget for next year -- proposed to DOUBLE to nearly $1,000,000. BOLES was angry, and it showed.

He asked if we should cancel the 450th, fire STE. CLAIRE and spend the money on roads. So much for healing and respect for diversity. So much for sexism and misogyny.

BOLES is accustomed to throwing his weight around, whether it is in naming his boy, CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR., a non-resident, to chair three (3) city committees (two as chair) or intimidating City employees' First Amendment protected activity. Let the questions be asked and answered, Mayor BOLES, and stop trying to engage in emotional blackmail with your colleagues. It is unseemly.

If, as BOLES' crony CATHY BROWN writes, BOLES is merely "1 of 5 commissioners," then why is he so insistent on getting his way all the time?


Anonymous said...

In picture #4, which one is the horse's ass? The one in FRONT.

Anonymous said...

Horvath did NOT object, she was in FULL support of the entire $1 million and ALL Mayor Boles said. Only Commissioners Freeman and Sikes-Kline spoke against.

Ed Slavin said...

I said ""questioned."