Thursday, August 07, 2014

Enterprise Florida Violating Sunshine? St. Augustine Visioning Violating Sunshine, Too?

At today's Enterprise Florida meeting, televised on the Florida Channel,, probable violations of our Florida Sunshine law and Article I, Section 24 were in evidence:
1. No public comment, except on consent items.
2. Small groups, whose work was inaudible, resulting in cartelist proposals (my favorite: Jesse Biter of Biter Enterprises of Sarasota, said he wanted to "reform" tort law (already deformed here), by instituting a "loser pays" rule, which prevails in oppressive countries like Great Britain and Japan.
I won't say to Jesse Biter, "Bite me!" That would be undignified.
But what a lugubrious goober, and what a corrupt organization, brought to you by rebarbative Florida corporativists.
We shall overcome.
P.S. I am troubled by the small groups used in the St. Augustine Visioning process and would like to hear your thoughts.
I was troubled by some of the few comments that I could hear in the small groups on Monday, August 4th, including the suggestion that homeless people be run out of town. Bigots should not be free to speak in government meetings without being heard at home, and being questioned by the public.

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