Friday, August 15, 2014

Mayor Boles is embarrassing us all again -- The Last Hurrah from Hizzoner?

On the web, Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR. scribbles something ungrammatical, unapologetic and nearly indecipherable, something vaguely akin to campaign rhetoric, which one might have expected from Boston Mayor James Michael Curley in 1946:

Mayor Joe Boles on “Transparency” in City Government
August 13, 2014 at 8:17pm
St Augustine’s City Commission is the ‘Board of Directors” (sic) elected by the public directly. The only (sic) difference between the Mayor’s seat and the other seats on the Commission is that I hold the gavel during the meetings. In every other way there is no (sic) difference. I have only one vote. No action can be taken without at least 3votes at a public meeting. Every (sic) issue of budget, policy, planning and visioning has a public hearing, either right before the discussion or during general public comment, at every meeting.

Every Commissioner is bound by the“Sunshine Law” that prohibits discussing any city business outside of a public meeting. We all (Sic) take that law very seriously.

Our meetings are televised live,streamed live on the internet, shown again at later dates on local access TV, and of course, open to anyone who wishes to attend the actual meeting. All public records, minutes, and exhibits are available to the public, the press, to a friend or foe.

My email address is MAYORBOLES@COMCAST.NET. I take phone calls at my law office (I have no office at City Hall), I am on the street, in the grocery store, and people even stop by our table when we are eating at restaurants. We Commissioners are your friends, your family, and your neighbors. We are willing to serve because that’s what you do when you love your community and St.Augustine is easy to love. There is no“hidden agenda” ((sic) as the “conspiracy minded” (sic) are fond of saying. In the 47 years I have lived here there have been some amazing, wonderful, and committed public servants, willing to take time out of their lives to run for office and serve with pleasure. Previously it has been community service but it is turning (sic) into “politics” and that is sad.

This is a small town and what ones (sic) says today will follow him or her for a long, long time. When my opponents say they will be more“transparent” and they will get us “back on the right track”, they are not just taking a shot at me. They are criticizing the whole Commission, the City Staff, the Department heads, the Citizen’s Boards (Planning and Zoning, Historic Architecture Review Board, Code Enforcement, etc.) The new Visioning Committee is bound by the Sunshine Law and my opponent’s call for “transparency” slanders (sic) them unfairly as well.

I do realize that when one has no (sic) record of service and has never been elected to the City Commission,criticizing the incumbent is easy. So as the incumbent I ask you to reject negativity, reject the criticism of our city for the sake of having no platform, and continue to enjoy, with me, St. Augustine as we move into our finest hours. Please have confidence in the fact that your City Commission, City Staff and Citizen’s Boards are all committed to transparency and up holding (sic) the law in every act of service to this city. We are managing our success well and enjoying our world-class destination status. Let’s not take a step backward (sic) into failure, (sic) anonymity (sic), and mediocre (sic) economic progress. Let’s walk together into the successful future.

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Anonymous said...

Can Boles spell "liar"?

The minute he ousted Gardner, Joe was all over a raise for the mayor. It is a lie that he is the "same" at the other commissioners. He gets more money than anyone else.

The rest of his impotent attempt at a diatribe is hilarious. No one likes him. If they are stopping by his table at a restaurant it must be to spit on his dinner.

This foul beast, a liar and cheat, a man with no morals, runs the commission, the city, staff, and has his pudgy hands in every crooked deal in town. Look at 81 St. George Street. He and former mayor Len Weeks have received favored nation status for 25 years and have made $2-3 million off that one deal.

It's past time for Joe to Go. Eight Is Enough. No More Years. No unprecedented 10 years as mayor.

We need a change desperately. Rise up, ye downtrodden with little hope! VOTE! Vote Joe Boles OUT of office. It's the least he deserves.