Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Start up, all you "upstarts" -- St. Augustine is cruising to big changes!

60.4% of the people of St. Augustine voting yesterday voted for a new Mayor -- 1569 voters. That's a mandate. While the incumbent, JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR. claims he's "tickled" to have a runoff, it sounds far-fetched. More likely, he's crying in his imported champagne. Message for the St. Augustine Record, which did not cover the campaign and did not sponsor debates: we expect a newspaper to cover the news, not coverup for incumbents' misdeeds, like BOLES' lease of 81 St. George Street. The Record sub-headline refers to Nancy Shaver as an "upstart." This City and this Nation were founded by "upstarts." Start up, you upstarts -- City Hall is about to get a new mayor, with the next election in only 69 days.

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Anonymous said...

Ed, in The Record after the election newswriter Korfhage wrote of "upstart Nancey Shaver ..."

The Record has a gauntlet of techno gizmos that prevent a person from flaggina as inapproriate their gaffes--or deliberate snipes. Shame on The Record on all counts.

Suffice to say, your blog and Historic City News and George Gardner's newsletter provide perspectives that reflet the realities here in Saint Augustine.

Thanks, Jay Bliss