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Adam Morley Receives Florida Wildlife Federation’s (FWF) Living Green Award for 2017

Posted May 9, 2017 02:45 pm - Updated May 9, 2017 04:29 pm
St. Augustine resident receives green living award

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St. Augustine resident Adam Morley received the Florida Wildlife Federation’s (FWF) Living Green Award for 2017.

The award was presented at FWF’s 80th Annual Conservation Awards Banquet April 21 at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter Hotel.

Morley was among 14 individuals or groups recognized for their conservation achievements in Florida. The award winners were chosen by the Federation’s board of directors for their accomplishments on behalf of Florida’s fish, wildlife and native habitats.

Morley was born and raised in southern St. Johns and Flagler counties, most notably spending time on the Princess Place Preserve. His passion for the natural world was ingrained from an early age. He has surfed and sailed in Northeast Florida’s waterways and in the Atlantic Ocean all his life.

He also enjoys camping, fishing and hunting. He calls himself an “interpretive naturalist” since his greatest passion is educating others, especially children and young adults, about the environment and what to do to save it.

Morley works as an environmental educator with St. Augustine EcoTours, teaching visitors about the ecology of the area, and about the wildlife that inhabits the sea, the shore and the inland forests.

He is also a U.S. Coast Guard-certified boat captain.

In 2008, Morley started his own recycling company, ANJ Recycling in St. Augustine. He later sold the company, which is still thriving today.

Currently the owner of a solar and electric business, Morley practices what he preaches.

He and his wife built their own 100 percent solar-powered “tiny home” out of a converted shipping container. He drives an electric car, refuses to use single-use plastics of any kind, and reuses everything that can be reused.

Serving on a number of environmentally focused executive boards, including The Friends of Anastasia State Park, Friends of Tomoka Basin State Parks, Friends of A1A Scenic &Historic Coastal Byway and North Florida Coastal Caretakers, Morley is deeply involved in the community.

Most recently, Morley crowd-funded the purchase of a barge called the “Litter Gitter Trash Barge.” The effort reached its goal to obtain a used boat. The watercraft has been retrofitted with lean rails and equipment for utilization of large collection bins for collected trash. The vessel conducts public waterway cleanup “tours” in the Northeast Florida region.

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Warren Celli said...

Super kudos to Adam Morley! May he be an inspiration to all of us!