Monday, November 09, 2015

City Attorney Doug Burnett Quits in St. Augustine Beach

At about 9:10 pm on November 9, 2015, City Attorney DOUGLAS NELSON BURNETT announced that he quit as City Attorney of St. Augustine Beach, Florida.

BURNETT's St. JOHNS LAW GROUP City of St. Augustine Beach City of contract was recently renewed, without competitive proposals. BURNETT has been City Attorney for SAB since 2009.

BURNETT is a former Assistant State's Attorney, former Assistant County Attorney and former ROGERS TOWERS understudy working under the late developer lawyer GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE.

Outspoken St. Augustine Beach Citizen Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr. has filed complaints concerning BURNETT representing developers as well as the City of St. Augustine Beach and the St. Augustine Airport Authority; advertising his law firm on the City of St. Augustine Beach website; and recently discovered that BURNETT's Airport Authority contract expired March 2014 -- over 18 months. Mr. Reynolds' request for all of BURNETT's e-mails is still pending.

BURNETT never disclosed his client lists, which runs heavily toward those dodgy Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) constantly winning Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) and other zoning favors. Compliant SAB Commissioners never performed a conflicts check nor did BURNETT.

SAB Commissioners kvelled at BURNETT's service after his announcement, but looked worried.  Wonder why?

BURNETT said after the meeting that he "will never run for public office" and that meetings were interfering with his sleep patterns.

At the December 2015 City Commission meeting, Commissioners will discuss a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the next City Attorney, at which time they will consider requiring full disclosure of client lists of candidates to be City Attorney.

Why does this have to be a part-time job?

Why was it required that the incubment live nearby and be board-certified in Government Law?

Quoting the former "Shake 'n Bake" television commercials, citizen Thomas F. Reynolds agreed with my assessment, very modestly stating he "helped."

Without Mr. Reynolds indefatigability, St. Augustine Beach would still have a developer mouthpiece as its City Attorney.  BURNETT's resignation takes effect in several months.

DOUGLAS NELSON BURNETT followed in the footsteps of GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE as lawyer for the Airport.

Lawyer DOUG BURNETT followed in the footsteps of GEOFFREY DOBSON and RONALD WAYNE BROWN of DOBSON & BROWN as lawyer for the City of St. Augustine Beach.

DOUG BURNETT was an early and outspoken supporter of reparative Sheriff DAVID BERNERD SHOAR, f/k/a "HOAR."

St. Johns County is providing an economic development tax credit of $37,000 for BURNETT's new law office in St. Augustine Beach, on the site of the beautiful former Cooksey's Campground, uglified by developer lawyer GEORGE McCLURE's clients for the St. Augustine Beach Town Center, in which our Public Library and our Post Office are anchor tenants.

BURNETT may now turn his attention full-time to defending the interests of the Ruling Classes, to include crass foreign-funded LLCs treating our government officials as their doormats, as they clear-cut trees, fill in wetlands, destroy wildlife habitat and build tacky houses for Jacksonville's White Flight suburban  migration into St. Johns County.

His last official act before announcing his resignation was to convince Commissioners not to adopt a development moratorium.

BURNETT is the son of retired State of Florida Nation al Guard Adjutant General, Mayor General DOUGLAS BURNETT, a double appointee of Florida Governor RICHARD LYNN SCOTT on the St. Johns River Water Management District and the University of North Florida.  Mayor General DOUG BURNETT, now an arms merchant lobbyist, was considered for appointment by the Republicans to run for the seat vacated by Senator-lobbyist JOHN THRASHER before his appointment as President of Florida State University.  Major General BURNETT's retirement part as Adjutant General in 2010 was originally set to include a flyover by two (2) Stealth aircraft, until I reported this $50,000 waste, fraud and abuse to the DOD Inspector General. (The Record twice reported there would be a Stealth flyover in PR-generated stories, without ever recording or reporting the cancellation, and the reason for the cancellation). No Stealth. No coverage. Sorry newspaper. Sorry General. Sorry, General. There will be no Stealth aircraft for attorney DOUGLAS NELSON BURNETT's departure as SAB City Attorney, either.

My dad was a WWII 82nd ABN DIVN non-com (South Jersey Chapter, 82nd ABN DIVN ASSN named the Edward A. Slavin Chapter). Dad explained Inspectors General to me at an early age.  As I endeavored to explain to our 4/5 unenlightened St. Augustine City Commissioners earlier, it's our country.

What's next?  Grand Jury subpoenas for DAVID SHOAR & friends?

Thank you, Tom Reynolds!

Thank you Doug Burnett! We, the People will be watching your developer friends. In the words of an F-22 Stealth t-shirt: "You won't see us coming but you all know we were there."

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