Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Seven Apply to Replace Cronk on HARB: Commissioners Should Interview Them and Invite Them to Speak

Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) voted 2-1 to allow demolition of Carpenter's House, built in 1905, after millionaire Pennsylvania lawyer and Dow Museum of Historic Homes purchaser DAVID BARTON CORNEAL purchased the recusals and servitude of HARB members PAUL M. WEAVER III (Vice Chair) and JEREMY MARQUIS (who resigned at my request).  
Spinal/testicular implants urgently required in new HARB appointments. 
No more conflicted prostitutes are required or desired on St. Augustine's HARB.
Here's my letter to Commissioners, sent 11/4/2015 (first anniversary of Mayor Nancy Shaver's election:

Dear Commissioners:
Seven people have applied for the HARB seat vacated by Joseph Cronk:
Walter O'Kon
Susan Messersmith
Catherine Duncan
Robert E. Olsen
James Solana
Barbara Wingo
Wolfgang Schau
Please invite the seven candidates to make three minute statements and interview them at your November 9 meeting.  This is the procedure followed at St. Augustine Beach Commission for board vacancies, and one of the best practices our City should follow.
Thank you.
With kindest regards,
Ed Slavin

For more coverage on HARB conflicts of interest controversy and Cronk resignation:

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