Tuesday, November 03, 2015

REMEMBER THE GREEDIEST! Vote No on Tax: Give Louche Lackeys a November to Remember!

It's morning in St. Augustine.
Polls open 7 am to 7 pm today.  Remember the developers who violate your rights and destroy our environmental, historic and cultural heritage here in St. Johns County and St. Augustine.
Make them pay for the cost of their morbidly ugly "developments," dead places without trees or character, with mellifluous or WASPy-WASPy, hoity-toity pretentious names to match the egos of the parvenu and Fortune 500 "developers," who require no license to call themselves "developers" in Flori-DUH (while a license is required to cut hair or paint nails or braid hair).
To foreign funded tree-killing clear-cutters, prevaricating wetland destroyers, say, NO.
To foreign-funded dodgy Limited Liability Companies and their prevaricating sniveling dodgy lawyers, creepy County Commissioners and staff, servants of gross greedy developers, say NO.
Don't inflict an 8% sales tax increase on yourself, just so the idle rich fat cat developers like PARC Group and Nocatee can avoid paying their fair share in impact fees and "concurrency."
Say NO to Tawdry Sheriff DAVID SHOAR and his developer-driven tatterdemalion St. Johns County political machine, which has raised $189,000 (and change). Follow the money here.
Based on tiny turnout to date, developers and taxpayers are expected to spend dozens of dollars a vote in an off-year election for an 8% sales tax increase proposal I hope you will join us in voting down.
No more welfare for the rich corporations.
St. Augustine Record commenter Morris1 wrote:
The bottom line is this.
We have an infrastructure problem. It's being caused by runaway development that benefits a relatively tiny group of people who wear wristwatches that cost more than your car. They've formed a political action committee to convince you, the people of St Johns County, to take up an extra tax to fund the shortfall they created, because that particular selling point is essential to their forward profitability. It comes with a very convenient emotional front (the children), but its core motives are anything but altruistic. They need those schools built near their land. They want you to pay. If they can convince you to pay, they don't have to worry about anything changing. 
Nothing begins to correct itself until we, as a community, proclaim that enough's enough. We're not going to carry their water anymore. Its time they pony up to take care of their problem. To accomplish this, it's going to require us to change budgetary framework, to shift the existing development taxation paradigm, to create new regulations on commercial developers, to create new taxation requirements on commercial developers, to implement all sorts of available solutions but none of that happens if we simply roll over and agree to bail the developers out with a tax at this particular crossroads. It all begins with our willingness to wield the power of no. 
This isn't about schools or children or even taxes. Its about finally bringing St Johns County to a point where the people looting our town are held accountable and finally forced to pay their own way for the enormous mess they are creating. 
This isn't about tax. This is a matter of principle.
Last post I'm going to write on this topic.
Vote however you want. People get the governments, taxes and civilizations they deserve.
To alter and borrow the words of The New York Times' annual Christmas cheer campaign (REMEMBER THE NEEDIEST!"), we say today: "REMEMBER THE GREEDIEST!"
Give these louche lackeys "a November to remember!"
And promote change.  Here. Now.  Today.
Some maladroit people say, "if you don't like it here, you should move."
Now way.
If you don't like what the corrupters are doing, vote NO.

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