Thursday, November 19, 2015

May & San Marco Will Be Unsnarled, 5-0 Vote Today: George Gardner's St. Augustine Report

Pseudo roundabout
   5-0 vote for May Street solution

   City commissioners in special session today, with strong support from the Nelmar Street Neighborhood Association, voted unanimously for a large pseudo roundabout to ease congestion at the May Street/San Marco Avenue intersection.
   In an hour highlighted with a presentation by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Urban Planning Administrator Jim Knight and supporting comments by Nelmar neighborhood residents, commissioners decided the major reconfiguration - scary in overhead views but more comfortable in ground level study - will best end the lengthy queues of traffic along May Street.
   In fact, by Knight's calculations, the design will reduce May Street maximum queue lengths of 6,494 feet - more than a mile - to 788 feet and average lengths of 4,500 feet to 84 feet in 2035 projections.
   Key in the decision was Nelmar residents, long concerned with traffic cutting through their neighborhood. Residents walked the intersection with officials to understand the concept at ground level.
   Estimated construction cost is $2.5 million, which FDOT has in place for construction in 2016-17. Knight said land acquisition and landscaping costs will be added, including the former 7-Eleven site purchased by the city in May for $1,458,000. 

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