Friday, November 13, 2015

Louche Lying Outlier re: "Decorum" Rules

One disgruntled City Commissioner's entourage posted anonymously -- the only supporter of the City's bogus "decorum resolution." What a goober!

Just Asking Y 11/12/15 - 11:32 am 25Decorum during PUBLIC MEETINGS
It is a sad (sic) commentary that the issue of a formal resolution even had to (sic) be addressed. The issue here is decorum during a public meeting. Have any of these people ever read Robert’s Rules of Order? I can’t imagine (sic) how it must be to sit at a commission or board table and listen to untruths (sic) and naming calling (sic) being thrown (sic) at you, and then you are expected to sit there and just take it? I’ve heard many (sic) people say there is no way they’d run for office or volunteer for a board because they don’t want a target (sic) on their backs – how sad for our city. Truth (sic) be told, until recently, the ‘gavel’ was very rarely used during commission meetings even when it was most certainly justified. If the writer of this article wanted to read it during the general comment section of a commission meeting, and kept it under 3 minutes, it would most certainly be allowed. CIVILITY and DECORUM DURING A PUBLIC MEETING – say what you want, exercise your first amendment rights and be a part of the solution and not the problem. When people are yelling (sic) and spewing (sic) venom (sic) it’s difficult for anyone to hear the underlying issue, assuming there really is one.

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