Sunday, November 14, 2021

"Closing the Courthouse Doors -- The Injustice of Forced Arbitration Agreements" (November 4, 2021 U.S. House Education and Labor HELP Subcommittee Hearing)

In 1989, U.S. Department of Labor Associate Chief Administrative Law Judge James L. Guill and I co-wrote, "A Rush to Unfairness -- the Downside to Alternative Dispute Resolution," in the peer-reviewed American Bar Association Judges Journal, warning of forced arbitration. 

Our warning was ignored by Congress and the Courts, leading to a series of high and almost impregnable walls blocking everyday people from suing wrongdoers, including their employers, manufacturers and other wealthy and powerful corporations.

Do watch the video of the November 4, 2021 U.S. House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee's subcommittee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee (HELP Subcommittee) hearing, "Closing the Courthouse Doors -- The Injustice of Forced Arbitration Agreements" on this pernicious practice: 

If elected to the Florida House of Representatives, I would protect worker and consumer rights to your day(s) in court.  As Justice William Rehnquist wrote in 1979,  our Seventh Amendment right to civil jury trial is a "bulwark against oppression."

Are Dull Republicans habitually erasing those rights misguided or unAmerican?

You tell me.

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