Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Commissioner Jeb Smith Resigns Effective at 5 PM -- New President of Florida Farm Bureau

Commissioner Jeb Smith sometimes identifies himself as "a farmer from Hastings," the town Henry Flagler started to provide fruits and vegetables for his hotels and Florida East Coast Railway, He just resigned this morning, effective at 5 PM. He's the new President of the Florida Farm Bureau. Congratulations to Jeb Smkith. He is a good and decent man, well-prepared, asks good questions, and respects First Amendment rights. He is a true fiscal conservative who knows thje value of a dollar and cares about people. He would always include in his Commissioner Comments statements a brief snyopsis of current weather and growing season news, educating his fellow Commissioners and residents about the rel life work of the people who put food on our tables. We need more poople like him in public life -- humble public servants. Prediction: Jeb Smith will be back. I hope he runs for a legislative office one day. Meanwhile, I've learned that Jeb might be replaced, by an arachnid apparatchik appointment of Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS, of an unqualiied Dull Republican, ROY ALAIMO, JR., St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee Chair, a bumptious biggot and braggart, a homophobe and transphobe who has none of Jeb Smith's virtues. Pray that it's not true.  

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