Wednesday, November 24, 2021

After Nine Years, MICHAEL STEVEN RYAN, County PR Flak Departs; Apparently Moonlighting

Fired former St. Johns County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK's PR man, MICHAEL STEVEN RYAN encumbered a position with St. Johns County as its PR man for nine years. 

At the same time was RYAN operating a public relations agency. Conflict of interest? Who were his clients? 

At least one current County Commissioner was unaware of RYAN's public relations agency, MSR COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LLC.

RYAN's LinkedIn account suggests he was also moonlighting while working for a prior governmen employer in Texas.

RYAN's November 25, 2013 MSR COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LLC corporate charter expired for nonpayment of fees on September 25, 2015.

RYAN's LinkedIn account shows his MSR COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LLC  continued until September 2021, when his employment with St. Johns County also terminated. 

RYAN was among the surliest and most unhelpful of organizational PR men I have ever encountered in 43 years. 

It is unknown what happened after RYAN resigned.

In July, 2021, RYAN and his wife sold their condo for $170,000; it was the registered address for his public relations firm,  MSR COMMUNICATIONS GROUP LLC, of which both were officers. 

Source: Data from LinkedIn and Florida Secretary of State Sunbiz website

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan

Director of Communications

St Augustine, Florida, United States476 connections



Strategic ~ Detailed ~ Progressive

Experienced communications, marketing, and public relations professional with excellent strategic messaging skills seeking an opportunity to provide communication program visioning and implementation, project management, personnel supervision, budget oversight, interagency relations, and legislative affairs leadership.

- Strategic Messaging - Creative Direction - Writing and Editing - Social Media Management - Media Relations - Design and Layout - Website Administration - Crisis Communications - TV Channel Management - Special Event Hosting - Project Management - Budget Oversight - Personnel Leadership


  • Director of Communications

    St. Johns County, Florida

     - 9 years 3 months

    St. Johns County, Florida

    Began tenure with St. Johns County, Florida as the Communications Manager in July 2012 and advanced to Director of Communications in October 2015. The Communications Division facilitates all aspects of the communication program including media relations, online digital content, video production, social media, marketing, advertising, graphic design, art direction, photography, and management of GTV, the County’s television station. Additional programs and responsibilities include writing, editing, print layout, speech drafting, special event production, serving as a community liaison, and co-hosting the St. Johns County Today Radio show.

  • Principal

    MS Ryan Communications

     - 10 years 7 months

    St. Augustine, Florida

    MSR Communications offers a myriad of multi-media communication and marketing services. We work with our clients to clearly identify and zero-base their communication needs, provide turn-key print, digital, and video services, and help them better deliver their message to identified audiences. We also offer current media relations strategies, training, and crisis management. Maintaining a limited client base allows us to provide superior, personalized communications services when our customers most need it.

  • Director of Community Affairs

    Town of Flower Mound, Texas

     - 12 years 11 months

    Flower Mound, Texas

    Built an award-winning communication program from concept to communication plan and through implementation utilizing a variety of multi-media tools including digital content production, print, social media, marketing, advertising, and video production.

  • Owner/Managing Partner 

    Prickett and Ryan Publishing

     - 2 years 5 months

    Frisco, Texas, United States

    Designed, launched, and served as the writer, editor, photographer, managing editor, and publisher of a 13,000-circulation monthly newspaper and an entertainment and lifestyle magazine covering seven municipalities in Texas.

  • Reporter

    The E. W. Scripps Company

     - 1 year 1 month

    Dallas, Texas

    General Assignment reporter covering a variety of topics for several newspapers in North Texas.



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