Friday, June 16, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Ron DeSantis fumes about Pride flag at White House. (A.G. Gancarski, Florida Politics, June 16, 2023)

Florida's devious Governor lied about Pride flag at the White House.

What does that make RONALD DION DeSANTIS?

A.  A liar?

B.  A paranoid?

C.  A homophobe?

D. A danger to our Nation? 

E. A bumptious bully?

F. All of the above?

From Florida Politics:

Ron DeSantis fumes about Pride flag at White House. 

By A.G. Gancarski, 

Florida Politics

June 16, 2023

'That's wrong. That is not how you display the American flag.'

Florida’s Governor is involved in a flag flap in the wake of a White House Pride celebration, but it’s not entirely clear if he has command of the facts of the matter.

Ron DeSantis groused to reporters in Fort Pierce that the Joe Biden administration privileged the rainbow-colored Pride flag over the U.S. flag, calling it a “transgender” banner.

“When they had at the White House, you know, this transgender flag (taking) precedence over the American flag. That’s wrong. That is not how you display the American flag,” DeSantis said Thursday.

Contrary to the assertions of some Republicans, the U.S. flag was the most prominently displayed, as it flew over the White House even as the Pride flag was side-by-side with the American flag on the White House balcony. It’s unclear whether the Governor was aware of that or not.

DeSantis also waded into a controversy about trans activist Rose Montoya, who was videotaped without a shirt on at the event in question.

“And I think when you have the inappropriate conduct at the White House with like, you know, these transgender flashing people nude and all this stuff, you know, it’s just totally, totally inappropriate. And I think even the White House had to acknowledge it was inappropriate,” DeSantis said.

Indeed, President Biden’s administration said that was “inappropriate and disrespectful for any event at the White House” and Montoya and others in the video won’t be invited back. But that didn’t mollify DeSantis, who blamed the President for inculcating trans ideology into elementary school.

“I would ask them if it is inappropriate to do that, the White House, which I certainly think it is. Why do you want to have that curriculum jammed into a second grader’s classroom? That’s what you’re always talking about,” DeSantis said.

It is unclear when the President or his spokespeople were “always talking about” that, and DeSantis soon enough moved on to another question.

A.G. Gancarski

A.G. Gancarski has written for since 2014. He is based in Northeast Florida. He can be reached at or on Twitter: @AGGancarski


Billy the Bamboozler said...

Money, class, religion, race, hate...all divisive and manipulative tools that politicians use to gain support and wage war on other Americans. DeSantis primarily uses hate (and lies) has his go to tool. Aside from that, what has changed in this state over the last 20 years aside from rich people getting exponentially more rich? Not to mention, they could have made a lot more money elsewhere albeit much less satisfying grift.

Billy the Bamboozler said...

I forgot to add the most important political tool!: NATIONALISM.. this is one of the biggest tools they use against others here AND abroad. The superiority complex, the defining of what makes a group great and what doesn't, the "if you aren't with us then you are against us," and the greater the economic power and military power, the greater the nation. All bullshit...

Anonymous said...

Headline today: "Religious groups protest Dodgers Pride Night"...thousands of deranged religious whackos wielded against a peaceful celebration by the hate propagandists and elected hate speakers. This should be the headline to reflect reality. Creationism debunked so now these people are just a political mob.

Anonymous said...

This guy allows the dumbest people in the state to have an impact on society, calls that democracy, gives a mob of stupid people their way for what? So they will continue to vote against their own economic interests? Restrict abortion and the likes and we will continue to demand nothing from pigs and liars.🤡

Anonymous said...

Here come the suits!: