Thursday, June 15, 2023

Watch Rick Norwood YouTube and read documents on St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners and staff abuse of authority

Inspired by longtime fraud investigator and local resident Mr. Richard Norwood:  

Saint Johns County (SJC) governance falls woefully short of serving the residents of this community. 

As a senior homeowner who has brought a complaint of Public Works fraud to them nine months ago, I’ve encountered nothing but obstructionistic, and condescending behavior from both the Board of County Commissioners and County Attorneys regarding both my evidence and property damages. 

On a fixed income, I seek proper resolution, from SJC, whose duty it is to listen, learn and resolve the problem. 

FYI, dear readers: Mr. Norwood's land and trees were wrongfully taken for sidewalks.  County Attorney and staff have seemed insouciant, if not insolent.

For those interested in the case details, an attitude is clearly evident on his YouTube

or for an extensive Google cloud photo slideshow from the beginning to date at:


Anonymous said...

Compensate that man with one million dollars!

Anonymous said...

Last commission meeting they made a joke about what to do with the World Golf Hall of Fame..said, "Sheriff could use a new jail hehe haha hoho." You see, they have a one track mind. Government's only function is to shovel money to the rich and shovel inconveniences into jail. Only public sector should be the ones doing the shoveling. Keep the lower classes at war and praise the police while keeping them essentially lower class as well through rent and mortgage gouging and low pay. Let the federal government assist people while in the meantime conservatives in Congress try to lower taxes and sabotage programs. Jesus would not be pleased.