Saturday, June 03, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: “Smart People Are Falling for Stupid Lies”: How One Florida County Has Become Ground Zero for the Far Right’s Education Blitz. (VANITY FAIR)

Does this sound familiar?  John Birch Society blabbers have eluded much investigative reporting.  Always looking for ways to divert our attention from corporate greed, hick hacks are constantly throwing shade at schools, education, LGBTQ people, teachers and trials.  The Monster Raving Loony party has elected people like RONALD DION DeSANTIS.  Check out this article from Vanity Fair: 

“Smart People Are Falling for Stupid Lies”: How One Florida County Has Become Ground Zero for the Far Right’s Education Blitz

From board battles to book bans to “woke” audits, Republicans in Sarasota are waging a grassroots assault on “everything, everywhere, all at once,” says the county’s former school board chair. 

In the tumultuous weeks leading up to the ceremony, Pine View—Sarasota’s “gifted” magnet institution, consistently ranked one of the top 25 public high schools in the country—was besieged with angry calls and news coverage. Moricz stayed home for three weeks, he said, thanks to the volume of death threats he received, and people showed up at his parents’ work. When a rumor started that Pine View’s principal would have to wear a bulletproof vest to graduation, he recalled, “the entire campus lost their minds,” thinking “everyone’s going to die” and warning relatives not to come. His parents worried he’d be killed.

But after all the controversy, graduation day was a success. Moricz, now 19, delivered a pointedly coded speech about the travails of being born with curly hair in Florida’s humid climate: how he worried about the “thousands of curly-haired kids who are going to be forced to speak like this”—like he was, in code—“for their entire lives as students.” Videos of the speech went viral. Donations poured into Moricz’s youth-led nonprofit. That summer, he left to study government at Harvard. 


Anonymous said...

Miniature Mussolini at it again with more hate speech and division.

Anonymous said...

These Republican con men convince religious people among others that "the evil left" is out to get their Bibles, guns, money, you name it. That's how they do it along with claims of superior trustworthiness, morality, and values ...all while their only aim is to shovel money to the rich and take a cut. Money doesn't trickle down and this myth is the cornerstone of their existence. "Government bad" is next in line all while they take seats in government and make it less functional.