Monday, June 05, 2023

St. Augustine Beach LGBTQ +Pride Proclamation

St. Augustine Beach just unanimously voted a Pride Proclamation on 53rd anniversary of Stonewall, their fourth one since 50th anniversary. The City of St. Augustine has also done Pride Proclamations. Two (2) St. Johns County Commission Chairs have neglected their duties and blocked such proclamations. We, the People defeated controversial County Commission Chairman JEREMIAH RAY BLOCKER by 175 votes in closed Republican primary in August 2023. Current SJC BoCC Chairman CHRISTIAN WHITEHURST, will you be the next to be defeated?

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Anonymous said...

Moms for Liberty now classified by the Southern Poverty Law Group as an anti-government group but IMO more a hate group over stance on LGBT.
(been trying to convince these people that the St. Augustine Tea Party is also an anti-government group and a hate group.. but I suppose their insignificance has something to do with it.)