Thursday, June 01, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: SJCSB List of Removed, "Quarantined," and Challenged Books

Check out the list, on the website of St. Johns County School Board:

This is Culture War (Justice Scalia called it Kulfurkampf.). Anti-literate energumen want to exercise a Philstine's veto over education. They appear to be KKK-adjacent, John Birch Society types, corporate funded as a wedge issue to elect Republicans. A Moms for Liberty person will be speaking at a Republican fundraiser June 9, 2023 at our St. Johns County Golf and Country Club, owned by St. Johns County. She will be joined by U.S. Senator Richard Lynn Scott, Florida House Speaker Paul Renner, County Commissioner Krista Keating-Joseph, et al.

Fondly remembering The Waltons book burning episode, "The Fire Storm," where a misguided preacher played by John Ritter brings book-banning and book-burning to pastoral Walton's Mountain, Virginia. (Spoiler alert: John-Boy, played by Richard Thomas, quietly hoisted the petty tyrant on his own petard by handing him a Bible that was about to be burned.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, they can go online and get any of these books.. and (although now they're trying to shut this down).. you can view all these books for free. A lot of the far right stunts don't have real impact. It's being done to rally a lifeless conservative base against progress in the nation. Just deplorable rot and a sad alternative to actually accomplishing things for the most amount of people as possible.