Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cui bono? (Who benefits?) Greedy developers.

Thanks to The St. Augustine Record for denouncing greedy developers' demands last week, in an editorial entitled, "It's not St. Johns County's job to maximize corporate profit."
It takes a village to save "our village," as Henry Dean calls it. Mr. Dean, the former executive director of two of Florida's water management districts helped guide St. Augustine Beach to adopt height limits, which St. Augustine Beach City staff maladroitly misinterpret in developers' favor, unadorned by any opinion of our State Attorney General.
The reason is campaign finance -- elections are bought and sold.  I've printed the reports for local candidates and political parties, and they're overwhelmingly funded by dodgy developers.
Our political parties are especially lax about not collecting information on occupations of contributors.
See below.
Wonder why?
Meanwhile, there are no post-employment restrictions on ex-county and ex-city managers, allowing MARK KNIGHT to advise and represent developers (without even obtaining an Attorney General's opinion on his practicing law without a license).

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