Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mediocrity and Mendacity Love Company

1. Repeated coverups of serious crimes against the Constitution.
2. Repeated violations of First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
3. Repeated no bid-contracts, with waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance.
4. A daily newspaper biased in favor of wrongdoers, including a Sheriff who is internationally infamous, like a throwback to the 1960s.
Newspaper editorials quoting our controversial Sheriff, unadorned by reliable sourcing.
5. Developer-driven deforestation and destruction of our nature, history and culture, as exemplified by a maladroit decision rubber-stamping converting the former Dow Museum of Historic Homes into a $500/night hotel, CORDOVA INN a/k/a DOW Planned Unit Development (PUD).
6. A proposed ordinance on Monday night's agenda that would let the City Manager rule on who has "vested rights" to hold special events, without City Commission or PZB having any vote on the matter.
7. Historic Architectural Review Board members finally given orders to file financial disclosures after 51 years, after the City Attorney engaged in massive resistance for eighteen months.
8. The painter for the controversial CORDOVA INN arrested in a child sex sting, showing how inept DAVID BARTON CORNEAL & Co. are at choosing employees and making decisions affecting our Old City South neighborhood.
9. An ex-Commissioner illegally lobbying colleagues in violation of Florida ethics laws.
PZB and HARB members who routinely lobby their current colleagues.
10. An ex-Mayor who destroyed a 211-year old building working without permits, not criminally prosecuted yet.
11. An all-white Sister Cities organization under suzerainty of that ex-Mayor given significant encouragement by City Hall.
12. An all-white VIP tent for our 450th commemoration, with all-white invitees and volunteers.
13. A City Commissioner who won't apologize or reimburse the City after his kooky demands a libel suit be filed, at City expense, causing City employees and Commissioners to waste our time, money and effort.
14. A City Commissioner who works for developers -- listed on a 13-page list obtained from St. Johns County -- but won't disclose which ones.
15. Developer-driven decisions promoting eyesores and deforestation.
16. Petty, vindictive, self-absorbed backbiting, while refusing to work on environmental protection -- a national park and seashore.
17. High-paid, low-ethics managers.
18. Long-delayed evaluations of City and County managers and attorneys.
19. Smug, superior attitudes from second-raters who behave like third graders, e.g. City Manager JOHN REGAN telling the HR Director on December 2, 2014, "We have to do something about Ed Slavin."
20. City, County and State governments "frozen in the ice of its own indifference," in FDR's words, quoting "the immortal Dante."
21. Government officials who whine about my filing "too many Open Records requests." (Fewer than 500 during 2015).
In the words of Dan Quayle, "I wear their scorn as a badge of honor."
This is mediocrity and mendacity.
Evidently, mediocrity and mendacity love company.
Enough flummery, dupery and nincompoopery in Our Town.
We're wise to their tricks.
The hick hacks need to pack.
We've got a cool new Mayor, Nancy Shaver, and will be electing more city and county officials next year.
It's Our Town, not the KKK's or the John Birch Society's or the developers' or the crooks' town.
We expect "We the People" will be respect by public officials, some of whom are coverup artists and too big for their britches.


JERRY CAMERON, then Assistant County Administrator, with County ADMINISTRATOR MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK
(CAMERON has raised $50,000, mostly from developers, running for County Commission, but may face roadblocks because he ordered a little dog killed, a decision reversed by WANCHICK.)

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