Sunday, December 20, 2015

Early Christmas Presents From St. Augustine Record

"Thank yous" to the St. Augustine Record for two early Christmas gifts:

First, to reporter Jake Martin, for this morning's thorough investigation of alleged fraud against students by the "University of St. Augustine," the for-profit school founded by Stanley Paris and sold quietly to a multinational corporation. Jake's article is fair, balanced and investigative -- exactly what we told the Augusta, Georgia federal bankruptcy court Morris Communications needs to serve our community and be profitable.

Second, to publisher Delinda Fogel and newly-designated Executive Editor Craig Richardson, who will move to St. Augustine within 24 months. Craig has been interim editor, after the firing of awful Director of Audience/Editor Kathy Nelson, a disaster who fired all the most experienced reporters in a series of enviously, invidiously discriminatory, mean-spirted acts, while beginning her Reign of (T)error as tedious toady termagant-in-charge by trashing The New York Times and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Walt Bogdanich for their having "parachuted" into St. Augustine and "not making any friends at the Sheriff's Department.

Early on during his work as interim editor, I had urged Mr. Richardson to apply for the job, but he demurred, as his family lives in Jacksonville; I responded by telling him they would be happier here. He agrees now.

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