Monday, May 01, 2017

ANGRY FLAGLER HOSPITAL lobbyist JERRY CAMERON says his efforts are "private"

Former St. Johns County Assistant Administrator JERRY CAMERON is one angry man.

CAMERON is a close protege of Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, who told me November 20, 2013 that he had read "boxes" of documents on the Michelle O'Connell shooting and thought she committed suicide. This was four days before The New York Times article, "Two gunshots on a summer night," and six days before the PBS Frontline story, "A Death in St. Augustine."

Defeated by Paul Waldron by seven (7) votes in the August 2016 Republican Primary, CAMERON is now working for FLAGLER HOSPITAL, where his wife Daphne also works. (The primary closing was by having a shill file to run as a write-in, which took place in two of three Commission races, the Clerk of Courts race and the Sheriff's race, violating Article VI, Section 5(b) under a loophole invented by former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris after voters adopted the provision in 1998).

JERRY CAMERON was entering the St. Johns County Administration Building this morning, walking up the hill. I asked him if he supported lobbying disclosure. He said "I'm not commenting on anything to you."

I asked JERRY CAMERON the purpose of his visit -- lobbying perhaps? CAMERON scowled, "none of your business" CAMERON barked.

"You've never accomplished anything in life. You've been a complete failure at everything," CAMERON said to me, pointing his finger at me.

JERRY CAMERON never disclosed what he's doing for FLAGLER HOSPITAL.


JERRY CAMERON never answered my question about whether he supports lobbying disclosure.

JERRY CAMERON never responded what he's doing in the St. Johns County Administration Building (immediately after the joint meeting of St. Johns County Commission and St. Augustine Beach City Commission).

JERRY CAMERON was less than candid with me in 2014 about county government records relating to the fatal shooting of Michelle O'Connell in the home of JEREMY BANKS, St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputy, breaking his promise to provide a "cost estimate" and "contact person" with Johnson Controls, Inc. for the smart water meter system, which would have revealed hourly water consumption at 4700 Sherlock Place on September 2, 2010. These records might impeach the statement of BANKS that he had not had a shower the night in quo (made to then-Deputy Debra Maynard). Is failure to obtain the water use record is a badge of fraud, showing that St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's investigation was part of an obstruction of justice? None of the other investigators working on the case, including three State's Attorneys offices, requested the record. Sheriff DAVID SHOAR apparently pulled political strings to halt FDLE Special Agent Rusty Ray Rodgers' investigation.

In 2016, County Attorney PATRICK FRANCIS McCORMACK said he sent the server(s) containing water use records on a "truck" to a vendor in North Carolina. St. Johns County has still not provided any records on the server(s), the truck, the search or anything else related to the water use records, which would have been one of the first items sought by homicide investigators in the normal course of business.

JERRY CAMERON ran for state representative in 2004 (corrected), receiving some 20% of the vote as a Libertarian. During 2014, he forgot about running for the legislature in a telephone conversation with me.

County Commissioners, County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK, JERRY CAMERON & Co. put a defective county charter on the ballot -- twice -- in 2008. During 2014, in that same telephone conversation, JERRY CAMERON forgot about that, claiming it was only on the ballot once.

Whatever JERRY CAMERON's doing in the County Administration building today, will he remember it tomorrow or tell the truth to investigators?

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