Thursday, September 26, 2019

Governor DeSantis Uses Title to Solicit Funds for Trump Impeachment Defense Fund

The bumptious bloviating inauthentic RONALD DION DeSANTIS (R-KOCH INDUSTRIES) just signed a desperate fundraising letter, seeking funds to defend Herr DONALD JOHN TRUMP against impeachment. It's full of chutzpa, lies and denials. Are we entering The Final Days of Herr TRUMP's presidency, when lickspittles, lackeys and dupes rail against justice? What do you reckon? From the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF a/k/a RIPOFF):

When I served in Congress, I fought back against the Democrats’ witch hunts every single day. I REFUSED to let them overturn the 2016 election and erase your vote from history.
Now that Democrats are officially moving to impeach our duly elected president, my duty to protect him isn’t over.
As Governor of Florida, I want the President to know that we have his back in this fight 100%, so today I’m issuing the Presidential Protection Fund to fight back against this disgusting attempt to overturn a legitimate U.S. election. 
Why have Democrats done everything in their power to try and take down President Trump?
Because he doesn’t come from the political establishment. Instead of being bought and paid for by the swamp, he promised to fight for YOU.
Now the swamp is scared to death that the American people will support President Trump in 2020, so they’re trying to avoid the election and remove him from office by force.
They should be scared, because with your help, We The People will end this impeachment inquiry and stand with him again in 2020 -- and our great state of Florida will play the leading role in delivering that victory.
Thank you,
Ron Desantis
Ron DeSantis
Governor of Florida

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