Monday, June 22, 2015

Fog of Favoritism: Entitled DAVID BARTON CORNEAL and Mouthpiece Sit At Staff Tables Beneath Portrait of City Founding Homocidal, Homophobic Murder, PEDRO MENENDEZ DE AVILES

Here's a corporate lawyer (right), ELLEN AVERY-SMITH, ROGERS-TOWERS partner, next to a developer (DAVID BARTON CORNEAL, left), invited to sit in staff-only seats by DAVID BIRCHIM, Planning and Building Director. Before I snapped the photo DAVID BIRCHIM scrammed: the trio were conspiring against the public interest, suitably seated to the right of and beneath a full-length portrait of St. Augustine founder PEDRO MENENDEZ DE AVILES (on wall at far left), author of first anti-Gay hate crime murder in North American history (1566). CORNEAL is the recipient of $15,000 archaeological excavation fee waiver on May 7, 2014 and is demanding to transform into unwanted hotel in HP-1 historic district the DOW MUSEUM OF HISTORIC HOMES (restoration funded by $2 million in State of Florida funds, donated to DAYTONA MUEUM OF ARTS AND SCIENCES by Gay philanthropist Kenneth Worcester Dow), after hiring Historic Architectural Review Board Vice Chair PAUL M. WEAVER, III and HARB member JEREMY MARQUIS, fired ex-City Planning and Building Director MARK ALAN KNIGHT and ex-Vice Mayor DONALD W. CRICHLOW, with WEAVER testifying before HARB to secure a demolition permit for historic CARPENTER'S HOUSE, a contributing structure to the City's National Register of Historic Places application, by vote of 2-1 (WEAVER and MARQUIS recusing themselves and not replaced by anyone else), with CORNEAL destroying the CARPENTER's HOUSE without even waiting for appeal time to expire, despite written warnings by City Attorney Isabelle Lopez not to do so, under penalty of the weak code enforcement laws.

I promptly reported the fact that CORNEAL and AVERY-SMITH were sitting in staff-only seats to City Manage JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E.

REGAN  did nothing.  REGAN said nothing. REGAN said on or about November 17, 2014 that he was "thrilled" that CORNEAL bought the DOW MUSEUM OF HISTORIC HOMES.

Thankfully, our Assistant City Attorney Denise May has a moral compass, responded immediately, and asked the pair to leave their cushy catbird seat perches in the staff-only seats at one of five staff tables (wasting space in the back of the room and often limiting public access and attendance).

Planning and Building Director DAVID BIRCHIM told Commissioners that it was "his fault," and that he invited CORNEAL and AVERY-SMITH to sit within him. BIRCHIM argued CORNEAL's position on multiple issues on several first readings of zoning ordinances, including one involving 108 Bridge Street and another involving special events venues.

DAVID BIRCHIM oddly compared development to a "river" that cannot be dammed or stopped. BIRCHIM lacks perspective: he works for We, the People, not Temple Destroyers who illegally cut down trees and tear down buildings (like ex-Mayor CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, Jr., who destroyed DON PEDRO FORNELLS HOUSE on September 25, 2014, fined only $3600 due to City Hall ineptitude).

MARK KNIGHT's longtime understudy, DAVID BIRCHIM, apparently does not give a damn about ethics or public participation, having falsely stated that there was no list of Planned Unit Developments (PUDS)(there are some 70 in our City, and earlier this month, Ms. B.J. Kalaidi got me the document after months of pettifoggery by City employees and PZB Chair SUE AGRESTA, married to former organized crime defense lawyer LOUIS AGRESTA).

Watching steatopygous strident supercilious bully-developer DAViD BARTON CORNEAL bounced from his cushy chair to the cheap seats: priceless.

Footnote: Commissioners voted June 8, 2015 by 4-1 vote I lacked standing to challenge the demolition of CARPENTERS' HOUSE.  I asked for reconsideration and have not heard any denial or rebuttal of the facts.

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