Friday, June 12, 2015

Wastrel MICHAEL WANCHICK Deserves No Tax Increase, But Consider 1/2 Cent Tax for Schools

Come speak out at 500 Sebastian View, the County Administration Building a/k/a "Taj Mahal government palace" at 6 PM on Tuesday, June 16 at 6:00 PM.
Bring your friends, kinfolk, coworkers and neighbors.
Outline your thoughts.
Speak persuasively, and look Commissioners in the eye -- tell them what you think of County "services," such as they are.
Don't be fooled by efforts to use libraries as "human shields" -- libraries are essential services. WANCHICK threatens to cut them unless he gets to satisfy his "Edifice Complex" by building unneeded buildings and roads. (See letter above). Join others and call for cuts in waste, fraud, abuse and no-bid contracts.
Come early.
Get a seat.
Speak out.
Make a difference.
Be heard.
Stand up to the estimable St. Johns County Dictator-for-Life, MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK, County Administrator.
Overpaid St. Johns County Administrative MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK is a bully who fires whistleblowers and avoids and evades compliance with Open Records and Sunshine laws. The County Administrator of the 24th largest county in Florida is the eleventh highest paid County Administrator in Florida, paid some $200,913.00, plus benefits, according to Historic City News.
WASTREL WANCHICK has not made the case for a tax increase. He has made the case for his leaving town. Now.
First WASTREL WANCHICK tried to pass in 2008 -- twice -- a power grabbing Charter that would have empowered bigger, more centralized government, without an Inspector General, without an Ombuds, and leaving GLBT people out of its nondiscrimination provision (10.06) -- a starter Charter with the potential to eliminate our right to vote for some 35 elected officials in two cities, one town and two special taxing districts -- a scheme supported by later-indicted County Commission Chair THOMAS G. MANUEL.
We, The People rejected this Charter twice -- one in the Primary and once in the General Election.
Then WASTREL WANCHICK tried to steal Anastasia Mosquito Control's independence, seeking to steal $5 million and destroy an independent scientific and technical agency that protects us from mosquito-borne diseases.
We, The People, defeated him.
WASTREL WANCHICK's blocked an Inspector General to ferret out waste, fraud and abuse.
WASTREL WANCHICK's blocked an Ombuds to help people with government problems.
WASTREL WANCHICK's blocked support for the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore, which would cut local and state spending while allowing for better interpretation of our glorious nature and history and better funding for our beaches, with freer enjoyment encumbered by current county and National Monument rules, while attracting more historic and environmental tourists who spend twice as much and twice as long.
WASTREL WANCHICK's empowered the bloated Sheriff's budget (including unnecessary, wasteful, duplicative training facility that duplicates St. Johns River State College) of controversial St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR, author of the Michelle O'Connell coverup (no one thinks it's a suicide), perpetrator of self-investigations of alleged official deputy misconduct and auteur of systemic wiretapping of defense lawyer conversations -- subject of an FBI corruption investigation.
WASTREL WANCHICK's buddies with both SHOAR and sneak St. Augustine City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E., united with SHOAR and REGAN in enabling tree-killing, wetland-filling, sprawl-promoting "developers."
WASTREL WANCHICK's satellites, JERRY CAMERON and DARRELL LOCKLEAR, are ethically impaired henchmen who do his bidding. CAMERON broke his word about providing a cost estimate and a point of contact for information on water consumption for Deputy JEREMY BANKS' home on the day of Michelle O'Connell's shooting (he's a pathological liar and a retaliatory unjust steward). CAMERON blocked efforts to enlist county emergency management officials in providing helpful data on the potential effects of the 7-Eleven proposed for May Street and San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine, shocking both the EM Director and me with his retaliatory animus. WANCHICK refused to take calls about CAMERON's retaliation. What unethical arrogant satraps.
WASTREL WANCHICK forced working people in the county, including constitutional officer employees, to take furloughs, while doing nothing about waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, flummery, dupery, no-bid contracts, corruption and developer favoritism.
WASTREL WANCHICK ducks phone calls and has no means of resolving complaints, no Ombuds and no Inspector General.
WASTREL WANCHICK's employees live in fear for their jobs, while he demands developer favoritism in a county where some 70,000 homes could be built under current corrupt development orders approved by the all-Republican County Commission.
Now WASTREL WANCHICK wants a 16.66% sales tax increase.
Oppose WASTREL WANCHICK's 16.6% sales tax increase.
Make MEDIOCRE MIKEY go away. He can go back to Texas -- he's all hat and no cattle and belongs in a polluted place that's ruined, not in our beautiful St. Johns County, where we're working daily to protect our history, nature and culture from destruction.
MENDACIOUS MIKEY's a cocky creepy cognitive miser with two Master's degrees, a developer stooge from South Florida and Richardson, Texas who is a lickspittle and a doormat for every dodgy developer from possible organized crime types to foreign LLCs.
MEDIOCRE MIKEY has no ideas except expanding his turf and fattening his retirement. He's a public nuisance.
Say NO to a penny sales tax for the County Taj Mahal and the County Sheriff's corrupt regime.
HOWEVER: DO consider support for a well-worded half-cent sales tax increase (8.33%) for schools, and only for schools.
No more money for WASTREL WANCHICK and his big-shot crooks with golden parachutes and snooty attitudes.
As Senator Gary Warren Hart directed his staff in 1975, in considering any legislative proposal, ask yourself:
Or, in the words of the fictional President in "The West Wing":

Maureen Dowd's 2008 Sunday New York Times column, setting forth advice from the fictional character, President Jed Bartlett, on the West Wing, in consultation with Aaron Sorkin, to then-candidate Barack Obama.
And you’re worried about seeming angry? You could eat their lunch, make them cry and tell their mamas about it and God himself would call it restrained. There are times when you are simply required to be impolite. There are times when condescension is called for!

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