Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Watchdog That Did Not Bark: Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR and $300 Million Allied Veterans Scandal

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The Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination was not invoked, but Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR had no response June 16th at St. Johns County Commission after citizen Thomas Reynolds raised concerns about self-investigations by Sheriff SHOAR, calling for them to be transferred to FDLE.  Mr. Reynolds also questioned the $300 million Allied Veterans fraud case, which was prosecuted by the Orange County Sheriff, though the fraud was run out of St. Johns County and the fraudfeasors were openly and notoriously present at St. Johns County Commission meetings.
"I don't want to address that with the Sheriff right now," BENNETT said, cutting off real-time answers, the way Congress and the British Parliament demand.
Mr. Reynolds was right to question SHOAR, f/k/a "HOAR," who wanted to talk to Mr. Reynolds "outside."
Mr. Reynolds demurred, asking SHOAR to explain himself at the microphone about the Allied Veterans case and repeated self-investigations on deputy-related shootings, including numerous shootings of civilians where St. Johns County Sheriff's Department officers investigated themselves.
As it says in Matthew, quoted in United States v. Mississippi Valley Genearating Company, "a man cannot serve two masters."
During SHOAR's schpiel, County Commissioners were mostly lickspittles for SHOAR, who demands an 8.4% budget increase.
SHOAR pushed for new buildings without tough questions, including a Training Center (where he would presumably provide in-bred training for in-bred deputies to perform in-bred investigations of in-bred deputies' Officer-Involved Domestic Violence and Officer-Involved Shootings). What goofy gooberishness, unquestioned by five Republican Commissioners who are of the same political party as the incumbent Sheriff, whom Commissioner JOHN H. "JAY" MORRIS credited with his entering politics.
This was not oversight -- it was embarrassing.  It was like a Republican Club meeting.
In fact, County Commission Chair PRISCILLA BENNETT a/k/a "RACHAEL BENNETT" (R-Hutson Companies) almost tried to block Mr. Reynolds' questions, then pointedly did not ask Sheriff SHOAR to answer them "in the heat of the moment," shushing Mr. Reynolds, who asked SHOAR to answer publicly.
Earlier, SHOAR had unlimited time to bloviate, and did so, including matters outside law enforcement, like development and county administration, like the Republican Lord of All He Surveys.  Yet BENNETT stopped him from answering the only public questions.
Watch it here:
SHOAR faces opposition in 2016 from an ethical former officer, Ms. Debra Maynard, whom I recommend you support, and who turns in her first batch of ballot petitions later today.
In his rasping peroration, pedantic Sheriff SHOAR claimed law enforcement officers are held accountable, that there is a large number of suicides, that St. Johns County and its Sheriff's Department are the envy of the entire State of Florida, and blasted what he damned as "negativity."
SHOAR refused to meet with The New York Times and PBS Frontline, and is now under FBI investigation.  Let justice be done though the heavens fall (Fiat justitia, ruat caelum).
Before Mr. Reynolds spoke, unaccountable SHOAR unaccountably demanded an 8.4% budget increase in his budget -- we will just see about that.  
With the 1% sales tax increase denied for capital improvement projects, including his proposed Training Center, where he would presumably have in-bred training of in-bred deputies of how to perform in-bred non-investigations of Officer-Involved Domestic Violence, Officer-Involved-Shootings and other crimes.
Again, SHOAR claimed that law enforcement officers are held accountable, without data.
Again, SHOAR claimed that there are a large number of suicides, without data.
SHOAR is a phony.  He covered up the Michelle O'Connell case, now under FBI investigation along with other coverups.
SHOAR won't even respond to my Open Records requests, and stiffed The New York Times and PBS Frontline.

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