Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Budget-cutting: Lincoln's Birthday E-mail to County Commissioners: No response from them, letter not printed in St. Augustine Record

Subject: Where to Cut County Budget -- No Sales Tax Increase Desired or Required

To the editor:
No sales tax increase is needed, desired or required.
Our bloated St. Johns County government -- and all other governments -- must cut waste, fraud and flubdubs.
There has been no response to my February 12 e-mail to St. Johns Commissioners and County Administrator, sent in response to several other-directed County Commissioners who somewhat rudely demanded citizens tell them, "where do we cut" if we do not support a sales tax increase.
Nineteen days later, no one has called or written to talk about cutting County government waste. Wonder why?
Here is the full text of my Lincoln's Birthday e-mail, sent to St. Johns County Administrator Michael David Wanchick, Commission Chairman Priscilla Bennett (a/k/a "Rachael Benett), Vice Chair Jeb Smith and Commissioners John H. "Jay" Morris and William McClure:

Subject: Here's where to Cut, St. Johns County Commissioners -- You Asked for It!
1. New vehicle purchases
2. Take home vehicles
3. Energy consumption
4. Consulting contracts
5. No-bid contracts and other wasteful contracted services
6. Asphalt purchases -- build a co-op with other governments
7. Mid-level managers
8. Underpriced developer services
9. Developer giveaways and subsidies
10. Travel, conferences, entertainment, lodging
11. Construction of any new buildings (including Sheriff Training Center)
12. Visitor and Convention Bureau
13. Political patronage
14. Flubdubs, flummery, dupery, nincompoopery, waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance
15. First Amendment, Sunshine and Open Records violations, unsafe working conditions and tortious conduct
16. Advertising
We deserve an Inspector General and an Ombuds, reporting directly to our Commissioners, to help implement those items. Please put that on the ballot in 2016.
Ed Slavin

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