Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Inept City Mismanagement, Nonexistent Strategic Plan, More JOHN REGAN Unkept Promises


At the June 22, 2015 City Commission meeting (last night), City Comptroller MARK LITZINGER (R-Flagler College) gave a fast-talking and insipid presentation about a putative strategic plan. Watch the tape at www.cosatv.com
All five City Commissioners were rolling their eyes, looking at the ceiling and asking questions.
Commissioner Todd Neville noted that questions asked and tasks assigned on March 11, 2015 were untouched.
Mayor Nancy Shaver agreed. As usual, City staff showed their assets -- fast-talking double talk with buzz words.
On Thursday, June 25, there will be a special daytime meeting devoted to strategic planning. In August, Commissioners will evaluate City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E.
Will REGAN and his band of WILLIAM HARRISS hired cronies survive?
Will they answer questions?
Will they keep promises?
Will they stop lawbreaking?
Stay tuned.

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Wow - No tapes yet?!