Friday, June 05, 2015

WANCHICK FOILED?: Schools to Share in Any 16.66% Sales Tax Increase?

Dodgy overpaid developer-driven County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK has met his nemeses: County Commissioner William McClure and citizen Tom Reynolds.

Wily apparatchick WANCHICK wants to stick a $200,000 ballot initiative by itself on a ballot later this year, calling for a 16.665 sales tax increase, calling it "only a penny." Stick-like, stiff WANCHICK wants it all for "his" county, a half-billion dollar Republican political fiefdom out of control, without an Inspector General, without an Ombuds, without basic common sense or decent respect for liberty or First Amendment, whistleblower and Open Records rights -- a partner in crime with Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR, perpetrator of the Michelle O'Connell case coverup.

Giving WANCHICK more money to waste without an Inspector General is as dumb as building a mud fence. You could, but why?

Enter Messrs. McClure and Reynolds. The latter proposed that half of any sales tax increase go to the schools, and the former listened. Thanks to Messrs. McClure and Reynolds, sharing any sales tax increase with the school system is now at the center of the debate over the sales tax, as it is in today's St. Augustine Record. Kudos.

Hesto presto, mutatis mutandis, the debate turns into one about real priorities -- education -- vs. one of manipulated crisis (like threatening library cutbacks, reminiscent of the National Lampoon cover, below, where one is ordered to buy a magazine or "we'll kill this dog").

Now, let's tie the vote to serious talk about reining in Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR and his mismanaged department, Medical Examiner PREDRAG BULIC and his corrupt junk science and to an Inspector General and Ombuds for a half-billion dollar a year County government. It's our money.

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