Monday, June 08, 2015

June 8-13, 2005: Rainbow Flags Fly on our Historic Bridge of Lions

By the dawn's early light on June 8, 2005, a City bucket truck and City workers installed 42 Rainbow flags on the Bridge of Lions, the flags having been provided and the $295 having been handed over by plaintiff Ruth Jensen in Jensen v. City of St. Augustine. People came from all over Florida, and from as far away as NYC and LA and SF, to see the sight, and our Pride Festival on Cuna Street June 11, 2005 was fabulous, with some 1000 people.
To the KKK, to recalcitrant, rebarbative, reactionary, rude, regressive, ridiculous St. Augustine City Hall denizens and to the naysayers who said "you'll never" get St. Augustine, Florida to respect GLBT rights: you were wrong.
We were right, and now it is legal to marry in Florida and 37 other states and the District of Columbia. We are everywhere, and our rights are being respected and not neglected.
But thank you for expressing your opinions, because the experience has made us prouder than ever to live in St. Augustine.

In 2013, Rainbow flags were flown on a Minnesota bridge after the legislature adopted Gay marriage:

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