Wednesday, August 12, 2015

4-1 Victory on Demolitions: Voting Against Was Odd TODD NEVILLE, Outlier, Outraged at Protecting Historic Buildings, "Abusive" Appeals

City Commission voted 4-1 to uphold what everyone had assumed was the law in St. Augustine: no demolitions until after 30 days, time for an appeal to be filed.
Only Pennsylvania speculator-developer DAVID BARTON CORNEAL, in his inept arrogance, thought he was above the law, which is now clarified. CORNEAL toady TODD NEVILLE (R-Palookaville/Proctorville/Cornealville) voted against the proposal, distributing an inept flow chart, whining that an "abusive" appeal could delay a demolition up to 83 days.
Two Temple Destroyers -- CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR. and DAVID BARTON CORNEAL -- are among NEVILLE's clients.
Angry Commissioner TODD NEVILLE lacks respect for historic buildings, and lacks self-respect, showed his bias and arrogance again at the City Commission meeting. Watch it for yourself at
This inept CYA CPA was angry that I informed St. Augustine residents of our right to speak at a HARB meeting, oppose a misguided demolition, then appeal, pay $120, check the right boxes, invoke section HP 1.8 of the Comprehensive Plan, and challenge every dumb demolition proposed in our Nation's Oldest City under the October 27, 2014 precedent on Echo House.
He implies it's "abusive" for citizens to protect our rights. This is the same angry man who called me a "gadfly." He really did!
In the words of Mr. T, "I pity the fool."
TODD NEVILLE stinks on ice.
He is the developer's boy.

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