Friday, August 07, 2015

So Commissioner Odd TODD NEVILLE, says I'm a "gadfly?" What does he mean by that?

Odd TODD NEVILLE, City Commissioner (R-Proctorville), staked his low-rise Republican reputation on calling me a "gadfly" at a City Commission meeting when he obstructed my right to be heard appealing his pals' destruction of a 105-year old historic structure.
NEVILLE, the CYA CPA, opposes audits. He is HEATHER NEVILLE's spouse.
Below is the image of his pals' ad for "BLUE WATER JEWELRY," which says they're "Official Jeweler of the 450th" and contributing 15% of proceeds to our City of St. Augustine.
Let's see the records.
Also below is the Wikipedia definitions of the term "gadfly," "muckraker," and "investigative reporter." No definition of oleaginous BOLESIAN oligarch of great wealth. Yet. Stay tuned.

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