Tuesday, August 18, 2015

RAW STORY, HALF-BAKED, INEPT REPORTING: "Liberal" national media outlet trashes local activist, based on faux FOX NEWS Story -- What lugubrious goobers!

"I get a lot of e-mails," she says.

"We're done," said RAW STORY Publisher Roxanne Cooper, who rudely hung up the telephone on me at about 3:45 today after she admitted she did not read my E-mail concerning her libel of St. Augustine Beach activist William Rosenstock. "I get a lot of e-mails," she pompously pronounced. I wear her scorn as a badge of honor. See below.

-----Original Message-----
From: easlavin
To: rox ; corrections ; travis
Sent: Tue, Aug 18, 2015 3:08 pm
Subject: Re: Erroneous RAW STORY article on Bill Rostenstock -- Errors on First Amendment Violation in Corrupt St. Johns County, Florida Requires Response

Dear Mr. Gettys, Ms. Cooper, et al."
A. Please respond.
B. Mr. Rosenstock's defense attorney on the retaliatory misdemeanor criminal charge is Thomas Cushman, 904-826-0220
C. You are aware of our area's political corruption, right?
D. You are aware of the Michelle O'Connell case and the nature, structure and performance of our St. Johns County Sheriff's Department, as reported by The New York Times, PBS Frontline, NBC News Dateline, the Guardian, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, et al., right?
The New York Times , "Two Gunshots on a Summer Night" by Walt Bogdanich & Glenn Silber (November 24, 2013):  http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2013/two-gunshots/
PBS/Frontline,  "A Death in St. Augustine (November 26, 2013):
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/death-in-st-augustine/ ; NBC News Dateline , "Two Shots Fired" (April 18, 2014):
Folio Weekly: Jeff Billman, "Somebody's lying -- An activist accuses the St. Augustine Record of bowing  
 to pressure from Jeremy Banks' attorney. The paper accuses her of spreading misinformation" (September 17, 2014),  http://folioweekly.com/SOMEBODYS-LYING-ST-AUGUSTINE-RECORD-ACTIVIST-JEREMY-BANKS,10912
Dr. Phil, "The Mystery of Michelle O'Connell" (November 3, 2014):  http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2298
Folio Weekly, "Murder, He Wrote," by Susan Cooper Eastman (November 19, 2014),  http://cleanupcityofstaugustine.blogspot.com/2014/11/michelle-oconnell-shooting-read-folio.html
Folio Weekly, "The Proxy War," by Derek Kinner (March 4, 2015):  http://cleanupcityofstaugustine.blogspot.com/2015/03/folio-weekly-deputy-jeremy-banks-and.html
E. Thank you for all that you do -- I have shared a number of your more perceptive RAW STORY articles on Facebook, including Mr. Getty's investigation of the Oregon cake-baking case, which shared information that I read nowhere else (cyberstalking by putative "Christian" baker against Lesbian wedding  couple resulting in damages)  Likewise, the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association's pursuit of falsehoods against Mr. Rosenstock should result in justice being done.
F. Please get the Bill Rosenstock First Amendment case right -- you do work, but Saturday's story was just plain WRONG!
Ed Slavin

-----Original Message-----
From: easlavin  
To: rox ; corrections  
Sent: Sat, Aug 15, 2015 12:37 am
Subject: Erroneous RAW STORY article on Bill Rostenstock
Dear Mr. Gettys and Raw Story:
1. You have reprinted a grave injustice with a one-sided PR-spin-driven story on the illegal arrest of William Rosenstock, which violated the First Amendment.
2. I consider Mr. Rosenstock to be a First Amendment hero. He won a huge victory last week and was retaliated against for it by the City of St. Augustine Beach, the same place where African-Americans swimming in the Atlantic Ocean (then segregated) were beaten in 1964; Dr. King called this area "the most lawless" in America.
3. WIthout interviewing anyone opposed to the St. Augustine Beach burghers angry at Mr. Rosenstock's protected activity,  you reprinted libel, one-sided libel.
4. Mr. Rosenstock was arrested only eight (8) days after winning a unanimous First Amendment victory before St. Johns County and the same day as his letter to the editor of the St. Augustine Record.
5. Please call me at 904-377-4998.  ASAP.
6. Please see my blog posts here:

7.  Mr. Rosenstock does not want to pave over any beach; I do not believe he is a Tea Partier, but that is irrelevant: his rights were violated and you attack him.
8. Please write a new story and make amends to a citizen-activist who is being targeted for opposing no-bid contracts and unethical practices, including First Amendment violations by the City of St. Augustine Beach and the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association, which long to purported to ban politics or canvassing at events held in a public park, which violated the First Amendment  and which the St. Johns County Commission stopped by unanimous vote last week.
Thank you.
With kindest regards,
Ed Slavin

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