Monday, August 10, 2015

Segregationist backgrounder: ALFRED HUGH TEBAULT, JR., Former publisher and owner of St. Augustine Record (Hagiography in today's St. Augustine Record quotes Chancellor WILLIAM L. PROCTOR and omits entire segregationist history of TEBAULT, segregationist St. Augustine Record Publisher (1963-1966) and later Flagler College VP

A.H. Tebault, Jr. blamed outside agitators, news media, exploitation of 400th anniversary, "juvenile" protesters

TEBAULT's letter to Florida legislature investigating committee:

"Outlook: St. Augustine -- Fountain of Dissent" Miami WCKT TV documentary excerpt:

St. Augustine Record website:

In 1942, A.H. "Hoop" Tebault Sr., and other local investors bought The Record from the Flagler System. Tebault had come to St. Augustine from Tallahassee in 1937 to become general manager. The Record Press, a commercial operation, was sold to C.E. Shepperd.

The Tebault family owned The Record until 1966. In 1963, A.H. Tebault Jr., became the publisher and general manager after his father's death. In 1965, editor was added to his duties on the death of Harvey Lopez who has succeeded Hawkins in 1953.

The Record was thrust into the national spotlight during the summer of 1964 when the civil rights movement made St. Augustine its last staging ground before the passage of the Civil Rights Act that summer. Tebault years later acknowledged that he had met with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., that summer at The Record to talk about the impact of the civil rights movement on St. Augustine.

By 1966, Florida Publishing Company in Jacksonville, owner of The Florida Times-Union and the Jacksonville Journal had its sights set on The Record.

Tebault and his family agreed to a sale that summer. Tebault was retained by the company until he announced his departure in 1973. At that time, he bought a weekly paper in Orange Park, expanded it to a daily and renamed it Clay Today. He later sold Clay Today and returned to St. Augustine and other business interests.

In 1971, The Record switched from hot type to cold type production.

Florida Publishing Co., owned by Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, later CSX Corp.,was put up for sale in 1981 by the railroad.

Morris Communications Co., Augusta, Ga.., owner of several daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and other publications, took over the ownership of Florida Publishing Co. in 1982…..

Morris Communications website:

A.H. Tebault, Sr., from Tallahassee and a group of local investors bought The St. Augustine Record from the Flagler System in 1942. By 1957, Tebault was the sole owner. Tebault died in 1963. His widow, Elizabeth, and son A.H. Tebault owned and operated The St. Augustine Record until 1966 when they sold it to Florida Publishing Company, owners of The Florida Times-Union.

Once upon a time, all business ceased in St. Augustine on Wednesday afternoon, when all-white groups of men played golf. One such group was called "The Thieves," and included Sheriff LAWRENCE O. DAVIS and HOPPPY TEBAULT' father, A.H. TEBAULT, JR.: "Page doesn't know how The Thieves got their name, but remembers a group in the 1950s-1960s by that name that included A.H. "Hoop" Tebault Sr., then Sheriff L.O. Davis, Charlie Rentz and Spero Zepatos. "They were a noisy group and they played every day," Page said. "Our group succeeded them."

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