Sunday, August 16, 2015

Redistricting "Buncombe" from St. Johns County -- Congressional Clout Claptrap -- MARKY MINER's Fan Club Wants All St. Johns County in One District So He Can Go to Congress

"Buncombe" or just plan "bunk" was named for an 1820s Congressman from Buncombe County, North Carolina (Felix Walker), and refers to meaningless claptrap meant for consumption by local yokels, without conviction, meaning substance.
For the past three days, on court-ordered Congressional redistricting, the St. Augustine Record has been filled with "Buncombe," first from MARKY MINER, ex-Commissioner and full-time Obama-hater, and now from fellow Republicans and one undercover Republican, lamenting the fact that St. Johns County is to be split between two Congressional districts, saying that would reduce local political clout. Not one metric or expert is quoted for this astounding proposition.
I call it "Buncombe."
Only four years ago, St. Johns County Republican mossbacks were caterwauling about the reduction of "clout" in Tallahassee by reducing, or more than halving the size of our legislative delegation from seven to three!
Now, they say "clout" would be reduced by doubling the size of our Congressional representation from one to two.
Is "clout" decreased by reducing the size of our state legislative delegation and also decreased by increasing the size of our Congressional delegation?

That flunks the math test, the smell test and the laugh test.
This is all about MARKY MINER's desire to be a Congressman, which would be dashed if St. Johns County is split between two Congressional Districts.
Read MARKY MINER's column (below) and today's Record article (below that).
How low can you go?

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