Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MEPublicans' ACALCULIA: Thirty (30) Counties Being Split: MEPublicans in St. Johns County Have But One Concern: Electing One of Their Own to Congress!

Some thirty (30) counties of Florida's 67 counties WILL be split for Congressional Districts, an inevitability for St. Johns County.

Violating the Fair Districts constitutional amendment -- as we knew they would -- our misguided fraudfeasing Florida Republican friends badly gerrymandered our state's Congressional Districts in their favor. They did so through fraud and flummery, with our Florida Supreme Court Justices ordering new Districts to remedy Constitutional rights violations.

MePublicans in St. Johns County have but one goal: electing jejune, juvenile, jingoistic MARKY MINER to Congress.

The Roman Emperor Caligula sent his horse to the Roman Senate, so it is only natural that St. Johns County MEPublicans would send a horse's hind quarters to our U.S. House of Representatives.

The late Howard Baker said there were two things he did not understand: the Middle East and the House of Representatives. To that, I must add St. Johns County MEPublicans.

St. Johns County MePUBLICANS are a private club of unrepentant, vulgar, insipid, narcissists, including former KKK members and racist, sexist, misogynist lugubrious goobers who think we wouldn't notice their specious illogic on State House vs. Congressional redistricting (see below). Sort of the electoral equivalent of the upside down gun theory on Michelle O'Connell's shooting death (or the single bullet theory on JFK's murder).

These St. Johns County MEPUBLICANS solemnly contend it would reduce "clout" (whatever that is) for us to increase our Congressional delegation to two U.S. Representatives, while contending 2011-2014 that it would reduce clout to reduce the size of our state legislative delegation from seven to three.

Like most MEPublicans, those self-aggrandizing narcissists suffer from acalculia (an inability to perform mathematical functions).

What do you reckon?

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