Saturday, October 17, 2015

Airport Renaming Defies Branding Logic -- Warmed-over Effort by Airport Authority Lacks Marketing Research

The brand is "St. Augustine," not St. Johns County, and for that reason I opposed St. Augustine Airport Authority's warmed-over, five-year old proposal to rename itself the "St. Johns County Airport Authority." Renaming the airport without legal authority, missing a deadline five years ago was dumb. Reviving the idea in front of our state legislative delegation was dumber, still. I asked on October 13th at the St. Johns County Legislative Delegation meeting for any marketing studies on the renaming. None have been produced. Drop it, guys.
The Airport Authority attorney, Douglas Nelson Burnett, never checked with the City Commission of St. Augustine, Florida.
Learned counsel also apparently never checked with the City Commission of St. Augustine Beach, Florida (which is his client, in addition to the Airport Authority and local developers, a nest of conflicts of interests and potential conflicts of interest there).
Before such a "local bill" may be introduced and considered by the Florida State Legislature, Senator Travis Hutson explained in response to my opposition on October 13th, there will have to be another meeting of the St. Johns County Legislative Delegation, where citizens may speak in opposition to the gooberish idea of renaming the St. Augustine Airport the "Northeast Florida Airport" and renaming the "St. Augustine Airport Authority" the "St. Johns County Airport Authority."
How much does the St. Augustine Airport plan to waste on renaming itself when renaming is not in the interests of the people and residents of our Nation's Oldest City and surrounding county?

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