Saturday, October 31, 2015

Vote NO on $150 Million Sales Tax Increase: Make Developers Pay For the Costs of Their Edifice Complex, Suburban Sprawl, Overbuilding Orgy of Ugliness, Treekilling and Wetland-filling

Organized, corrupt forces want to inflict an 8% sales tax increase on you and don't want to pay their fair share of taxes and concurrency and impact fees.  
Those forces once owned this county, acting through corrupt County Commissioners and Sheriffs.  They're hoping you won't vote in an off-year election, with low turnout their stated goal to take $150,000,000 of our money over ten years. They want to hoodwink you. 
They want to con you.
They want to manufacture your consent -- at $25-45 per vote -- to spare foreign-funded developers the indignity of paying their fair share.  
Vote NO.  
Tell those builders of shoddy gerry-built houses  --  Fortune 500 developers and their entourage of lawyers, engineers, lobbyists, and politicians:
Tell them what you think of their clear-cutting our trees, destroying our wildlife, filling in our  wetlands, and creating massive uncompensated impacts in requiring new schools, roads, fire stations and other "infrastructure." 
Tell them NO.
In the words of the School Board's mantra, "Character counts":
Fairness: the one percenters demand an 8% sales tax increase -- the one percenters' organized money mob would rob working people to subsidize wealthy developers.  Vote NO.
Trustworthiness: the one percenters make bogus apple pie arguments, not supported by facts. Vote NO.
Respect: developer propagandists talk down to us, as if we were five-year olds.  Spending $25-45 per vote, expecting high ROI in taxes, impact fees and concurrency costs avoided, laughing all the way to their banks. Vote NO.
Caring: we care about seniors and those who can least afford to pay sales taxes, exploited by Confederates throughout the Old South -- Tallahassee Republicans want working people to subsidize the wealthy, and are even talking about abolishing property taxes. Under Governor Jeb Bush, intangible property taxes on stocks and bonds were abolished, with Bush calling it an "evil tax." No, exploitation of working people through sales taxation is an "evil tax." Reject their works and pomps. Vote NO.
Responsibility: Foreign-funded secretive developers and their Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), shadowy dodgy organized money from corrupt countries with high growth rates -- emboldened by County and City Commissioners in St. Johns County, St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach -- don't want to take responsibility for the cost of their massive overbuilding: they want y'all to pay for it.  Vote NO.
Citizenship: St. Johns County's office holders act like we "can't tell us what to do." Yes we can!  You work for us -- just say no to swinish foreign investors, developers, lawyers, contractors and PACS. Or you're out the door -- every single one of you. Vote NO.
Time to "educate" the School Board and Commissions, a/k/a, "Fool Board, County Omission, and City Omissions "of St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach: time to teach those dumb 'ole Fortune 500 developers some manners, respect, fairness, trustworthiness and responsibility, St. Johns County style.  There are more of us folks, "We the People," than there are developer-driven hick hacks.
And developer mouthpiece GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE is no longer with us, no longer bribing officials.
And the FBI is investigating corruption.
Vote NO.
Vote NO like your lifestyle depends upon it, because it does.
Vote NO on November 3, 2015 on sales tax increase.
Do it for your grandchildren, so they might live without corruption and sprawl.

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