Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spending $25-45/vote on 8% sales tax increase? VOTE NO.

If developers have their way, their $189,000 (and change) spent on inducing you to support an 8% sales tax increase will have a huge return on investment.
One of the last minute contributors is "David B. Shofar" (sic), otherwise known as DAVID BERNERD SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR," the St. Johns County Sheriff (R-Developer Hell).
It's an off-year election, with low voter turnout expected -- we're spending $200,000 in tax money so you can vote on only one proposition. If turnout is 15%, developers and other corporate special interests will have spent as much as $25 for every vote they get.
Add in the $200,000 we've already spent on this dumb 'ole special election, and it could be $45/vote.
That would rival the 2006 election, when County Commissioner KAREN STERN spent more than $25/vote to lose. That developer money is tainted, and it taints any politician or proposition it supports.
Corrupt foreign investors send their dollars to Flori-DUH to buy corrupt developers, lawyers and politicians, resulting in massive overbuilding of shoddy houses, promiscuous tree clear-cutting and wetland-killing.
We see right through them.
Sales taxes are regressive.
Developers need to pay the cost of infrastructure.
Rich people need to pay their fair of taxes.
Not you and me.
Vote NO.

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