Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No-Bid Contracts Lead to Prison

Our local St. Augustine and St. Johns County corrupt officials must be sweating bullets over the guilty plea and apology of the Chicago schools CEO, one of many Chicago officials to "line their pockets'  with bribes," subject of a tiny story and itty-bitty headline inside The St. Augustine Record for October 14, 2015.  The Chicago Schools CEO took $2.3 million in bribes in exchange for $23 million in no-bid contracts (10% is the standard rate for bribes going back to ancient Messapotamia, according to Judge John Noonan's book Bribes (except that the New York Times now reports the Russian rate is 1/3). 
What do y'all reckon ?  St. Augustine and St. Johns County have been described as "Chicago writ small." What will the FBI and U.S. Attorney find and prosecute here? You tell me.

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