Thursday, October 29, 2015

8% Sales Tax Increase: Lavish Spending, Illiterate Headline -- What a Joke!

How do you sell (or deafeat) a sales tax? Conflicting views on how to fund area growth  updated 12:03am

If nothing else, the St. Johns County School Board's referendum for a ½-cent sales tax increase for capital projects has rekindled a countywide debate on what's to be done about growth - and who should pay the price.
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St. Johns County residents overwhelmingly see through the overbearing oligarchs of "development" -- treekillers, wetland fillers, suburban sprawl speculators.   The controlling businesses who want to raise taxes to keep their own property taxes low.  How condescendingly low.  Vote NO.
I voted "NO" on an eight percent sales tax increase.
Studied the issue.
Heard the arguments.
The proponents have not made the case for a regressive, anti-poor anti-working people tax increase.
The list of funders shows "cui bono?"
("Who benefits?").
Seems like our developer fiends are too smart by half.
They want you to pay the cost of the infrastructure costs they've avoided and evaded.
Their co-felons,  gerrymandered Republican legislators in Tallahassee, are talking about abolishing property taxes and relying only on sales taxes.
Meanwhile, our Fool Board a/k/a "School Board" thanks you in advance if you agree to an eight percent sales tax increase to allow them to spare the tender millionaires and billionaires from paying the cost of development here in Florida's St. Johns County -- the eleventh fastest growing county in America.
You know the difference between "smug" and "superior?" Our developers and their kept politicians, lawyers, bullies, toadies and mouthpieces will always be smug but will never be superior.
We see right through them.
They must think we're stupid.
Of course, as H.L. Mencken once said, "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."
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