Saturday, October 31, 2015

ALL Sgt. Monroe West Charges Dismissed: Not One Word in St. Augustine Record

With great hoopla and press fanfare, Sheriff DAVID SHOAR had Sgt. Monroe West arrested last year for three fraud counts (double-dipping and moonlighting -- allegedly collecting money for an outside job at the same time as he was paid to work as a deputy. West was charged with two counts of falsifying an official document and one count of an organized scheme to defraud.

Represented by Jacksonville attorney Bryan DeMaggio of the Sheppard law firm, Monroe West agreed to a twelve month diversion program, but after only nine months, all three felony charges were dismissed in February 2015 by nolle prosequi, according to the Clerk of Court's website docket sheet.

I've requested the documents -- more next week.

Meanwhile: Not a word in The St. Augustine Record, too often the propaganda organ of Sheriff DAVID BERNERD SHOAR (R-Developer Shillville) and his rebarbative Republican St. Johns County political machine. Wonder why?

Does the Record ever cover anything in the St. Johns County Courthouse without being instructed to do so?

You tell me.

The Record is mum on the truth of the criminal prosecution/persecution of Sgt. Monroe West (a respected African-American in a traditionally racist, KKK-run Department).


The Record was long owned and controlled by racist elements, including the racist recently deceased publisher and former owner, ALFRED H. TEBAULT, JR, who was also for years a Vice President at Flagler College. Under TEBAULT's suzerainty, the Record printed biased articles attacking civil rights protesters, providing advance notice of KKK meetings, and publicizing the names and addresses of children desegregating local schools, resulting in their parents being fired, blacklisted, evicted and firebombed. The Record's coverage on TEBAULT's death was disgusting hagiography; TEBAULT never apologized for his crimes, torts and sins, and neither has the Record's current owners, MORRIS COMMUNICATIONS, which bought the newspaper from Seaboard Coastline Railway in 1982, along with the Florida Times-Union.

Was this prosecution retaliation for West telling about his arrest years earlier of one RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA, now our State's Attorney, after which he was allegedly told to let LARIZZA go? ("Do you know who he is" is the mantra of corrupt cops everywhere).

Was this prosecution yet one more overt act of criminal and civil rights violations in retaliation for deputies exercising their God-given right to First Amendment protected activity? See 18 U.S.C. 241, 243, 42 U.S.C. 1983 and 1985.

You tell me.

Inquiring FBI agents want to know, and so do "We, the People."

The truth will set us free.

On November 8, 2016, we elect a new Sheriff and a new State's Attorney.

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