Thursday, December 03, 2015

NANCY SIKES-KLINE Squeals Amid FBI Investigation of Corruption, Sheriff DAVID SHOAR

With the FBI investigating our corrupt local Establishment, there's a lot of emotional invective aimed at anyone trying to do something about corruption here, no matter what their past friendships and alliances.
City Commissioner NANCY SIKES-KLINE, a/k/a "Nasty Nancy Unkind," posting as "lifeisgood" is one disgruntled pachyderm (albeit one elected ab initio with Democratic HQ support).
The State of Florida Ethics Commission is investigating the complaint about her anonymous St. Augustine Record postings, filed by citizen Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr.
If you had seen SIKES-KLINE and Michael Gold a few years ago in public venues, you might have thought they were dating.
Now "Nasty Nancy Unkind" has turned on Gold, one of her longtime friends and political supporters, Michael Gold, with this angry Anonymice rant on The St. Augustine Record's website, attacking him for his alleged past actions she never criticized at the time.
Wonder why?
The person NSK now calls a "known racist, bully and bigot," Michael Gold, was long NSK's pal, and she never publicly criticized him for it.
For several years now, Michael Gold has cleaned up his act, turning over a new leaf, perhaps  partly in response to NSK's concerns (and partly in response to my 2011 request that NSK ask Michael Gold to "knock it off" for the good of civility in Our Town).
Oddly, NSK does not acknowledge any of Michael Gold's change of heart now.
Wonder why?
Oddly, NSK had no problem with ODD TODD NEVILLE wanting to file a libel lawsuit, at City expense, based upon HCN's opinion on conflict of interest.
Wonder why?
Because Michael Gold supports reform and opposes corruption in Our Town, and City Hall is seething about it.
The FBI Corruption Task Force is asking questions and investigating wrongdoing. Those who fear indictment, and their pals, are angry.
Does it remind you of the line from "Mississippi Burning" about rattlesnakes turning on each other?
NSK's "lifeisgood" comment (below) is not unlike attacking Justice Hugo Lafayette Black of Senator Robert C. Byrd for their KKK activities, years after they reformed.
It seems a bit unfair, and a cheap shot. Here's the comment in quo from "lifeisgood":

lifeisgood 12/01/15 - 08:56 am 51relationship and "scoops"
Interesting you mention the "scoops".... Having Gold on lady mayor's speed dial last November with the Seraphin fiasco almost got her in big trouble.....she should consider herself very lucky that that ugly truth didn't come out.
Another "scoop"? Maybe someone should ask the Franke family how they feel about Mr. Gold getting the midnight "scoop" from the lady mayor and showing up and creating a huge scene in an extremely difficult family tragedy. She should be really proud of herself for that one.
Gold has an extremely long history of being a known racist, bully and a bigot. Remember the Ken Bryant incident several years ago? His hate websites? Plaza and Even if this so called "relationship" (wink wink) is not found to be "unethical" by this Commission, you really have to question the lady's lack of judgment with the personal company that she chooses to keep.

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